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Little Holmby News 2-13-2015


February 13, 2015

From the Holmby Westwood Property Owners Association, serving the Holmby Westwood community since 1960.
1.  Parking Tickets in Westwood Village
2.  LAPD Crime Report
3.  Westwood Library Valentine’s Day Concert
4.  West LAPD Blood Drive
5.  HWPOA Communication and Ad Policy
6.  Resident Ads
7.  HWPOA Contact Information
Our association has received complaints about parking tickets in Westwood, particularly in the area around Tiverton and Lindbrook, where Hilgard turns into Lindbrook. Panini Cafe has many take-out orders and there is a “3 minute loading zone” virtually in front of the restaurant. It has been said that the “parking police” lie in wait for people to park in the loading zone, run in and pick-up their order and come out only to find their car ticketed.
An officer had given out 5 tickets the day before. Beware of this site and others similar. We do not want to discourage business and consider lying in wait to issue a parking ticket the best way to send our business elsewhere.
Protect your home from Residential Burglary.   The Los Angeles Police Department recommends the following tips to help secure your home and harden the target.
• ALARMS: Ensure that security alarms are in good working order and set when not at home whether leaving for 10 minutes or 10 hours.
• ALARM RESPONSE: Consider a private patrol alarm response to enhance your current alarm and security system. In many cases private patrols are already contracted in many neighborhoods or associations.
• SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS: Web based surveillance camera systems will allow homeowners to view and monitor activity from any smartphone or computer which are motion sensor activated and will alert your device when there is activity. They also lend valuable information and clues to the investigation.
• MOTION SENSOR LIGHTING: Install motion sensor lighting around your home to illuminate normally dark areas around the home. This will also alert residents to outside activity around the home when motion lights are activated.
• GATES: Ensure that all gates and access points to the side or rear of the residence are locked and secured.
• DOOR AND WINDOW LOCKS: Ensure that all doors and windows are locked and secured with sturdy secured locks and that there are second locking mechanisms securing all doors and windows as a second line of defense.
• MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU’RE HOME…Even when you’re not.
• NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Monitor suspicious activities in your neighborhood and alert your neighbors. Should the activity escalate to a crime about to occur, crime in progress or crime that just occurred, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!
• SECURITY PATROLS: Consider after hours on site security at construction sites or major remodel projects. Many neighborhoods contract with private security patrols which monitor neighborhoods and can quickly respond to burglar alarm activations or reports of suspicious activity when they occur.
Don’t miss our Valentine’s Day Concert this Saturday, February 14th, at 3:00 p.m.  Jennifer Ann Seidman, soprano and Andy S. Watson, baritone will perform love songs from Broadway and opera.  Parking is validated, no registration required.
Show your love for the Westwood Public Library on Valentine’s Day!  The Friends of the Westwood Library is dedicated to the support of the Westwood Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. Through the support of our generous friends and neighbors, the Friends provide funding to the Library to support excellent collections, programming, equipment, and services to the community, including children, teens, and adults.
Donations may be made online at:
Friends of Westwood Library
LAPD West LA Blood Drive
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Time: 8:00 am – 8: 00 pm
Location: Bloodmobile parked on Butler
Give life, give blood! To make your appointment call 310-444-0753 or visit and enter sponsor code BADGESoCal.
All participants will receive a Battle of the Badges T-shirt, 2 complimentary VIP tickets for the Laugh Factory, 1 free Clippers ticket with a purchase of a $20 ticket, a discounted ticket offer to an Anaheim Ducks game at the Honda Center & an LA Kings game at the STAPLES Center! Identification is required to donate.
Please direct all comments, questions or issues regarding the Holmby News to
Ads for plumbers, housekeepers, garage sales, etc. will be posted in the weekly News. Emergency situations such as coyote sightings, lost and found pets, traffic alerts and similar situations will continue to be published during the week as received.
When placing an ad, please send to for the Holmby News moderator to review.  Responses to ads should be directed to the ad placer, not to HWPOA.
We live in Little Holmby and may be looking for someone to help us with the morning rush as we get our kids ready for school. Our kids are 3 and 6 and mom is hoping to go back to work. It is too much for dad to do all this alone.
We are looking for a housekeeper or nanny who is already in the area who might like to pick up extra work and can start at our home first. We would need someone to come at 6 or 6:30 and be with us until 8 when the kids leave for school. She would help get one lunch and breakfasts ready and get kids dressed, along with the father.
Please let me know if you have someone or know of anyone.
Thank you, Deborah
Can anyone recommend someone who can do a 1-2 day job to dry wall and re-tile a small area outside of a shower?
My contact info is as follows:
Cell phone: 310-613-1744
Thanks so much.
914 Westwood Blvd. Suite 573 
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Web site: