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February 20, 2014

From the Holmby Westwood Property Owners Association, serving the Holmby Westwood community since 1960.   

1.  Blood Drive for the American Red Cross
2.  Westwood Village Article
3.  Car Break-In on Dalehurst
4.  Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers
5.  Protecting Your Mail from Thieves
6.  Resident Ads
7.  HWPOA Contact Information

1.   Blood Drive for the American Red Cross
Please join the LAPD for a worthy cause on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 in front of West Los Angeles Community Police Station (1663 Butler Avenue) for the American Red Cross Battle of the Badges Blood Drive. The drive will take place from 9:00am-3:00pm.
To make your lifesaving appointment, please visit and enter sponsor code BADGESoCal, or call 310.444.0735, and we'll sign you up!!
2.   Westwood Village Article
From Councilman Paul Koretz:
Westwood Village, one of the jewels of this city, is in the midst of an exciting renewal, and that's exactly what the Los Angeles Business Journal wrote about in a January 27, 2014, major story authored by Bethany Firnhaber and entitled "Re-Digging Westwood."  
We asked, and the Los Angeles Business Journal has graciously agreed to remove the story from behind its normal "paywall," so that you can easily and freely read this important coverage.  Please use this link:  
 This story can be reprinted only with permission from the Los Angeles Business Journal.
3.  Car Break-In on Dalehurst
A resident reported that on Saturday night, February 15th, their car trunk was broken in to.  The car was parked on the 300 block of Dalehurst Ave.  Thieves took several baseball gloves, bats and helmets. 
4.   Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers
A resident has recently expressed concern over the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in the neighborhood.  Gas powered leaf blowers increase the presence of airborne particles, which may cause problems for persons suffering from asthma, hay fever, or other upper respiratory ailments.
Los Angeles Municipal (LAMC) Section 112. 04 (c) bans the use of the gas powered leaf blower device to minimize the nuisance and health related problems attributed to this type of equipment.
Please do not use gas-powered leaf blowers, and be sure to remind your gardeners as well.  Thank you.
5.   Protecting Your Mail from Thieves
From the LAPD:
Here's what you can do to protect your mail from thieves:
·         Never send cash or coins in the mail. Use checks or money orders.
·         Promptly remove mail from your mailbox after delivery, especially if you're expecting checks, credit cards, or other negotiable items. If you won't be home when the items are expected, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail.
·         Have your local post office hold your mail while you're on vacation, or absent from your home for a long period of time.
·         If you don't receive a check or other valuable mail you're expecting, contact the issuing agency immediately.
·         If you change your address, immediately notify your post office and anyone with whom you do business via the mail.
·         Always deposit your mail in a mail slot at your local post office, or hand it to your letter carrier.
·         Consider starting a neighborhood watch program. By exchanging work and vacation schedules with trusted friends and neighbors, you can watch each other's mailboxes (as well as homes). If you observe a mail thief at work, call the local police immediately, and then call the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455.
If you believe your mail was stolen, report it immediately to your local postmaster or nearest Postal Inspector. You'll be asked to file a formal complaint using PS Form 2016, Mail Theft and Vandalism Complaint. By analyzing information collected from the form, Postal Inspectors may determine whether your problem is isolated or part of a larger mail theft problem in your neighborhood--and it may help Postal Inspectors locate and apprehend the thieves.
Consult with your local postmaster for the most up-to-date regulations on mailboxes, including the availability of locked centralized or curbside mailboxes.
 I have a stopped-up outdoor drain which is creating a "standing water" hazard.  I'm hoping a nice neighbor out there can recommend a reliable "roto-rooter" type service.
Thank you in advance... 

 Can anyone recommend a personal trainer?  I want to start a beginner's level free-weight resistance exercise regimen.

I am looking for a person to live in three days a week and can drive for occasional marketing. No heavy cleaning I have a cleaning woman twice a week. Private room and bath just east of UCLA' PLEASE CALL Barbara-310-474-7484 or E mail 


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Los Angeles, CA  90024
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